Banking 3.0

manage your fiat and crypto,
all in one place

*Finvault is pre-launch and currently invitation only
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Manage all your fiat and crypto accounts, in Finvault

Get the best view of your finances by adding all of your other bank accounts, crypto wallets and NFTs to Finvault. Check your balances, transactions, move money and exchange your assets quickly and easily.

Send & Pay instantly

Pay for any bills or services such as utility bills or topping up your phone

Send & recieve instant local & cross border remittances using any currency in your wallet - with no fees!

Earn DeFi rewards on your fiat deposits

Open your Finvault account and start depositing money immediately

Earn up to 5% APY on your balances

Open a GBP or IBAN account in minutes

Open your own UK or EU IBAN account instantly

Make & recieve payments


NFT Marketplace

All your crypto, NFTs and fiat in one place

Buy, sell and trade NFTs with fiat and crypto

Added security through our own NFT marketplace

Finvault exchange

Buy, sell and trade different cryptocurrencies

Exchange crypto to fiat and vice versa

Our Smart Scanning System compares top exchanges, giving you the best price on the market


Multi currency card

All-in-one card to make all your everyday purchases

Spend crypto around the world with no hidden fees

Spend right away with Apple or Google Pay

QR payments

No need to handle cash or credit cards

Pay by scanning a partnered merchant’s QR code

Get the most out of Crypto

Open a Finvault Account

Connect your crypto wallet to manage all of your assets.

Buy, send and exchange

Buy and sell crypto, keep track of them in the one place.

Earn rewards

Earn up to 5% APY on your balances.

Store your fiat & crypto in one place

Manage all of your assets and wealth with no complexities.

Secure wallet

Hold crypto securely in your Finvault account and easily convert into the supported fiat currencies.

Buy at the lowest price

We scan the market so you don’t have to, allowing you to purchase crypto at the lowest price from multiple providers.

Crypto bill pay

Pay your bills and everyday spending with your crypto balances.